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Eric’s first album as both composer and conductor on Decca/Universal,  Light & Gold, won a Grammy® in 2012, reaped unanimous five star reviews and became the no. 1 classical album in the US and UK charts within a week of release. His second album, Water Night, was released on Decca in April 2012 and went straight to no. 1 in the classical iTunes and Billboard charts.  It features seven world premiere recordings and includes performances from his professional choir, the Eric Whitacre Singers, the London Symphony Orchestra, Julian Lloyd Webber and Hila Plitmann. Enjoy the Silence was Eric’s first on vinyl, including his arrangement of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’ alongside the setting of a Rumi text – ‘This Marriage’. His compositions also feature on multiple other recordings made in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Packshot (final Eric Whitacre Singers Live at Union Chapel
Eric Whitacre Singers
Eric Whitacre (conductor)
Jeff Beal

  1. Ubi Caritas – Marice Duruflé
  2. I Hide Myself (Three Flower Songs) – Eric Whitacre
  3. With a Lily in Your Hand (Three Flower Songs) – Eric Whitacre
  4. Go Lovely Rose (Three Flower Songs) – Eric Whitacre
  5. The Lamb – John Tavener
  6. Poor in Spirit – Jeff Beal
iTunes Packshot Eric Whitacre Live at iTunes Festival 2014
Eric Whitacre Singers
Hans Zimmer
Marius Beck
Hila Plitmann

  1. Lux Nova
  2. Wrecking Ball (feat. Marius Beck)
  3. Come Sweet Death
  4. Man of Constant Sorrow (feat. Marius Beck)
  5. Hurt (feat. Hila Plitmann)
  6. Time (feat. Hans Zimmer and Hila Plitmann)
  7. Enjoy the Silence
  8. Down in the River to Pray (feat. Hila Plitmann)
  9. Bonus Track: Interview with Eric
  10. Video: Lux Nova
  11. Video: Man of Constant Sorrow
Fly to Paradise Fly to Paradise
Eric Whitacre Singers

  1. Fly to Paradise (Main Mix)
  2. Fly to Paradise (Radio Edit)
  3. Fly to Paradise (Instrumental)

Enjoy the Silence - low res(1) Enjoy The Silence
Eric Whitacre Singers
Decca 2013
Released on vinyl

  1. Enjoy The Silence
  2. This Marriage
water night low res Water Night
Eric Whitacre Singers
London Symphony Orchestra
Julian Lloyd Webber
Hila Plitmann
Decca 2012

  1. Alleluia
  2. Equus
  3. Oculi Omnium
  4. The River Cam
  5. Her Sacred Spirit Soars
  6. Water Night
  7. Goodnight Moon
  8. When David Heard
  9. Sleep my Child
LandGLow Light and Gold
Eric Whitacre Singers
Pavão Quartet
The King’s Singers
Decca 2010

  1. Lux Aurumque (Light of Gold)
    Five Hebrew Love Songs
  2. i. Temuna (A Picture)
  3. ii. Kala Kalla (Light Bride)
  4. iii. Larov (Mostly)
  5. iv. Eyze Sheleg! (What Snow!)
  6. v. Rakut (Tenderness)
  7. The Seal Lullaby
  8. A Boy and a Girl
  9. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
    Three Songs of Faith
  10. i. i will wade out
  11. ii. hope, faith, live love
  12. iii. i thank You God for most this amazing day
  13. The Stolen Child
  14. Water Night
  15. Nox Aurumque (Night and Gold)
  16. Sleep
Naxos cd(2) Whitacre: Choral Music
Elora Festival Singers
Noel Edison, Conductor
Naxos 2010

  1. Her Sacred Spirit Soars
  2. A Boy and a Girl
  3. Water Night
  4. This Marriage
  5. Lux Aurumque (Light of Gold)
  6. little tree
  7. When David Heard
  8. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
  9. Three Songs of Faith: i thank You God for most this amazing day
  10. Sleep
  11. Little Birds
ew_cloudburst Cloudburst and Other Choral works
Stephen Layton, Conductor
Hyperion 2006

  1. I thank You God for most this amazing day
  2. I hide myself
  3. Sleep
  4. Go, lovely Rose
  5. When David Heard
  6. hope, faith, life, love
  7. Cloudburst
  8. With a lily in your hand
  9. This Marriage
  10. Water Night
  11. A Boy and a Girl
ew_complete Eric Whitacre: The Complete A Cappella Works 1991-2001
Brigham Young University Singers
Ronald Staheli, Conductor
Arsis Records 2003

  1. Water Night
  2. three songs of faith – i will wade out
  3. hope, faith, life, love
  4. I thank You God for most this amazing day
  5. Cloudburst
  6. Sleep
  7. Three Flower Songs – I Hide Myself
  8. With a Lily in Your Hand
  9. Go, Lovely Rose
  10. When David Heard
  11. Lux Aurumque (Light of Gold)
  12. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
ew_brigham Brigham Young University Choirs and Eric Whitacre 2
Brigham Young University Singers
Ronald Staheli, Conductor

  1. Little Birds
  2. A Boy and a Girl
  3. This Marriage
  4. Her Sacred Spirit Soars
  5. Five Hebrew Love Songs 1. Temuna
  6. Five Hebrew Love Songs 2. Kala Kalla
  7. Five Hebrew Love Songs 3. Larov
  8. Five Hebrew Love Songs 4. Eyze Sheleg
  9. Five Hebrew Love Songs 5. Rakut
  10. She Weeps Over Rahoon
  11. little tree
  12. Animal Crackers Vol. 1 1. The Panther
  13. Animal Crackers Vol. 1 2. The Cow
  14. Animal Crackers Vol. 1 3. The Firefly

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