We work closely with a small number of exceptional artists as their global general managers.  Achieving goals and creating new opportunities, we take a holistic approach to all aspects of our artists creative output, business, strategy, brand and engagement with audiences.

Both working with our artists and in other project partnerships, we produce audio-visual content for events and installations; create and run dynamic digital marketing strategies; maximise return from copyright and publishing catalogues; promote concerts, workshops & residential courses (UK/US); contract choirs for film sessions and concerts and run a joint-venture record label.

Music Productions has been instrumental in founding and running charities and foundations to support music in the UK and the US.  We donate time to music education and innovative creative projects through these charities and other significant initiatives, both big and small.


Music  |  Loyalty, integrity and respect  |  Lasting relationships  |  Creating and maximising opportunity  |  Having the best partners for each project  |  Embracing the ‘new’  |  Learning from success and failure  |  Curious minds, creators and innovators  |  Educational and charitable initiatives  |  Efficiency & accuracy  |  Loving what we do  |  Humanity