Tenebrae’s founder and conductor, Nigel Short, will be guest presenting an episode of The Choir on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday 19 May 2013 at 5pm. Focusing on the music of the Russian Orthodox Church, he will be discussing the challenges for British Choirs in recording Russian music with linguist and Church Slavonic expert, Xenia De Berner. In addition to this, he will be looking at the work of British composers Benjamin Britten, Hubert Parry and Francis Pott who were inspired by the work of their Russian musical ancestors. Included in the programme will be exclusive tracks from Tenebrae’s brand new recording of Russian repertoire, which is scheduled for release in 2014. To receive further details about the upcoming disc, please sign up to the Tenebrae mailing list here.

Full details about The Choir can be found on their website,