The DM Online reviews the Julian Bliss Septet:

“The septet performed ballads and uptempo dance numbers in equal turn, showcasing the individuality of each performer with occasional solos and improvisational sections. Each member, without exception, displayed a playful precision in their part; it was at once apparent that they possessed the talent to produce exceptional music and enjoy themselves simultaneously.
And though the music was superb (and even the word superb belies the true talent and sheer joy these men possess), the backbone of the performance was a slightly tongue-in-cheek narration of Benny Goodman’s life, provided by Bliss and Neal Thornton. Most of the numbers were prefaced by a brief explanation of its place in Goodman’s career—whether one of his signature numbers or a piece more often attributed to a competitor—peppered with good humor concerning the temperament and habits of an eccentric virtuoso.”

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