This Saturday 28th February 2015, The King’s Singers will be hosting a Google Hangout on the topic of Programming a Concert.

Live with David Hurley and Chris Bruerton from Salt Lake City, UT, USA.
10:00 KS Time | 09:00 PST | 17:00 GMT

Concerts can be tricky things. How do you go about choosing the right repertoire for your audience? How do you construct a sequence out of the music you’ve chosen? What should you call your programme? In this Google Hangout David and Chris B will be talking about all these programme-related issues, and the challenges that come with creating a new programme – how they think about juxtaposing different kinds of music, exploring new pieces, choosing relevant themes and appealing to different audiences.

The link to the Google Hangout will be posted on The King’s Singers’ Ensemble Hub on Saturday from 08:55 PST | 16:55 GMT.

They eagerly invite you to join the discussion!