Tenebrae’s most recent album release on new lable Bene Arte has reached number 1 in the specialist classical chart. Nige Short writes:

“It was in the early nineties when I was travelling in Russia that I became captivated by the intense spirituality of the Russian Orthodox Liturgy and the powerful and mystical effect it has when combined with the gloriously sonorous music sung so beautifully by the native choirs. I sought-out old music shops, seeking original manuscripts or anything choral I could lay my hands on, and soon started a collection of one-of-a-kind scores – not just from renowned and celebrated composers but also some relatively obscure names largely unheard-of outside Russia. It was this uniqueness and beauty that inspired me to build this concert- programme and album of sacred Russian Orthodox music for Tenebrae to perform. ”

RussianTreasures is available to purchase from all good retailers, including Amazon, iTunes and Signum Records.