It is with great sadness to hear today of the death of Sir George Martin. Sir George is best known as The Beatles’ producer, and is often referred to as ‘The Fifth Beatle’. He was a staff producer at EMI, and produced a number of albums for The King’s Singers in the 1970s. He also worked with the group as a conductor. David Hurley recalls: I have happy memories of an orchestral concert in Quebec under George’s baton. For some of the numbers we were using his original Beatles orchestrations, and I will never forget the audience’s standing ovation at the beginning of the concert, as George walked onto the stage (we came on at the same time, but knew this was for him). Eventually the audience stopped cheering, and George turned to the KS, and, peering over his half-moon specs like a benign schoolmaster, said “OK boys, let’s get going”. After the concert, loads of people had their favourite Beatles LPs for him to sign. He was such a charming and unassuming man who gently guided many groups to make great recordings.