On Friday 12 June, The King’s Singers will be performing in St. Wenzelskirche, Naumburg  in a programme that sees them intersperse a cappella vocal pieces with accompanied works with organ, as well as solo organ pieces. The Hildebrandt Organ in Naumburg is one of the most significant creations of the late Baroque period, exceeding all Silbermann organs not only in the number of stops, but also in variety. It is understood that Bach himself was instrumental in the drawing up of plans for this, and he certified the final product. The King’s Singers have devised a programme called “Kings and Queens”, that celebrates the large collection of music written for the monarchs of England. The royal court has provided support for many musicians, from the minstrels and trouveres of medieval times to the prestigious position of ‘Master of the Queen’s Music’.

Over the next two weeks, The King’s Singers will be performing nine concerts in four different countries. With a different programme for each performance, their repertoire will extend from English Renaissance works through to new arrangements from the Great American Songbook. For a full list of upcoming performances, please click here.